22 February 2018 17:41

Tickets for the 2018 Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix are now on sale! F1 returns to the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit on the weekend of Friday, 26th - Sunday 28th October 2018.

Lewis Hamilton celebrated his fourth title win, equalling the record of the great Alain Prost, however it was anything but easy. Hamilton's hopes of celebrating victory were shattered after an unexpected hit from Sebastian Vettel, and the resulting pit stop to replace his punctured right-rear wheel, left him at the back of the field on the first lap. He went on to put in a great recovery drive back to ninth place, sealing the 2018 World Drivers Championship. After suffering a bent front wing, Vettel did all he could to win back the momentum and eventually finished in fourth place. However, despite this opening lap drama, Max Verstappen managed to avoid the debris and stay in control to win the race for Red Bull Racing.

With Mexico City's high altitude and thin air, the drivers are in for another challenge in 2018 - driving at over 2285 metres above sea level can increase the pressure on the engines due to the lack of oxygen, leading the teams to down-tune their motors to survive the 71 perilous laps.

With it's sell out crowds and a true fiesta atmosphere, this race is always popular with local and international fans, so secure your tickets for your favourite grandstand now whilst tickets are still available

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