Treat your guests to the exclusive Suite, beautifully furnished and prepared for you. Each Suite has the capacity for 30 people, and is located in the upper-level of the Main Grandstand, offering amazing, panoramic views of the circuit, and absolute privacy for your company and your guests.

    There will be an open bar from 9am to 5pm as well as a Lunch buffet available to you within the suite.

    This package includes:

    • Access to the Suite on the selected day
    • Ticket for the Main Grandstand on the selected day
    • Balcony viewing from within the Suite
    • 2 staff passes
    • Open bar from 9am-5pm
    • Lunch buffet
    • Hostesses available for assistance
    • Car parking pass


    Seated Viewing
    Reserved Position
    TV Screen (subject to change)


    Circuit de Catalunya


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    Important Info

    Child Tickets

    Children ages 6-15 can gain General Admission access to the circuit with a Child ticket. Children under 6 years old get free General Admission access.

    Child tickets are also available for Children aged 6-15 in the Montjuic Hospitality. However, please note that no child prices are available for Team Hospitality options. There may also be age restrictions for Team Hospitality, so please contact us for further information.

    Children may be required to show identification such as a passport to prove their age on entry.


    Please note: Tickets for this event offer access to the Formula 1 Testing sessions on the selected day only and will not give you access to the main Formula 1 race in May.

    Tickets for the 2019 Spanish F1 Grand Prix also include free general admission access to the circuit for testing. These can be purchased by clicking here. This offer is valid for Friday-Sunday and Sunday-only tickets.


    Tickets are collected from the venue box office over race weekend. Once you have selected your tickets, head to the checkout for more details on delivery options.

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