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    Hockenheimring is located near the small town of Hockenheim in south-west Germany. Situated in the Upper Rhine Valley, the town sits on an old trade route running from Frankfurt to Basel. An early Roman settlement, the town officially appeared as 'Hockenheim' in the 13th century. The Hockenheimring opened in May 1932 with a motorcycle race, changing the industry of the town ever since.

    Hockenheim itself if a very small town so to make the most of your trip, we would recommend exploring some of the nearby larger towns, such as Heidelberg, Mannheim and Speyer. Heidelberg is a picturesque town located on the edge of the Neckar River. Here you can take in the historic sites, hike through the hills or cruise along the river; all whilst only a 20 minute drive from Hockenheimring.

    Mannheim is renowned for its exciting music scene and young culture. At the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar Rivers, Mannheim is located in the Middle Rhine Valley, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are nearby vineyards, producing some of Germany's most famous wines, as well as local brewery's offering beer tastings. From here, the circuit is a short 25 minute drive.

    • Language: German
    • Currency: Euro (EUR)
    • Time Zone: CEST (GMT+0200)

    International Travel

    Frankfurt airport is the nearest major airport hosting both domestic and international flights. It lies about 90km from the circuit and its surrounding towns. You can travel by train from the airport or take the fast A5 road by car, both of which take about an hour. Other airports include Luxembourg and Cologne which are further away but still viable options.

    The nearest airport to the Hockenheim ring is Mannheim City Airport, located approximately 20km from the circuit, in the south part of Mannheim.


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    Things To Do

    Hockenheim and the surrounding towns in the Rhine Valley have plenty to offer visitors. Mannheim, Heidelberg and Speyer are all located nearby, each with a variety of things to do and a rich cultural history. Below are some of our favourite picks of what to see on your travels!

    Motorsport Museum

    Located next to Sudtribune and the A6 Motorway next to the racetrack, the museum presents the largest collection of racing motorbikes in Europe. There is also a fantastic selection of cars on display, including Formula 3 cars driven Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg - a must for the motorsport enthusiast!

    Protestant Town Church

    Constructed in 1906 by architect Hermann Behaghel, the church is a beautiful example of neo-baroque architecture.

    Speyer Cathedral

    Originally constructed in 1025, the cathedral has been modified and built on many times over time until the final version we see today was completed in 1858. Added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981, the cathedral is listed as 'a major monument of Romanesque art in the German Empire'.

    Philosophenweg (Philosophers' Way)

    Located in Heidelberg, this path is located on the northern banks of the Neckar River. This rugged walkway is named 'The Philosophers' Way' due to the number of Heidelberg professors and philosophers who frequented the area. With the calm of the forest and the incredible views of the city and surrounding area, it is easy to understand where their inspiration came from!


    Built between 1892 and 1903, this popular park in Mannheim is named after Princess Luise Marie Elizabeth of Prussia. Luisenpark has plenty to offer visitors of all ages, including a Chinese Teahouse with gardens, the Pflanzenschauhaus greenhouse containing a butterfly house, aquariums and bird exhibits. Stop off for a bite to eat in the Fernmeldeturm with its rotating restaurant, or take a trip in a gondoletta along the Neckar lake.


    Temperatures in Hockenheim in July are warm, with average daily temperatures around 26 degrees centigrade. With these higher temperatures, there can also be a chance of thunderstorms. We recommend to pack for all weather types and to take both rain and sun protection! Loose and comfortable clothing is advisable and it is always best to take layers in case the temperature drops towards the evening.

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