FanVision can quite literally revolutionise your Grand Prix experience. It is a unique hand-held audio-visual device that keeps you completely up-to-date with the latest action over the whole track.

One of the draw-backs to a racing circuit is that, unlike many other sports, you can't directly see what's happening in other parts of the venue. Circuits try to overcome this by providing large-screen TVs and local commentary but the reality is this can be hard to follow.

FanVision puts the spectator back in control. Through this hand-held unit the user can flick between different live video feeds throughout the track including onboard cameras, listen clearly to the BBC commentary, and access an incredible amount of statistical and profile data about the circuit, drivers, and race. This device does not seek to replace the enjoyment of live viewing but is an excellent race companion so you don't miss a thing.

The handsets are rented for the chosen period over the race weekend. They can be added to your basket in the 'Race Extras & Gifts' section of the shop. We provide you with a voucher which you simply take to one of the FanVision kiosks at the track in exchange for the handset. Once you're finished with the handset at the end of the race, just return it to the kiosk.

Please note: as of the 2013 season unfortunately FanVision is no longer operating at Formula 1 events. At the current time there are no plans for it to return.

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