So, you're looking to buy some Grand Prix tickets maybe for you or maybe as a gift for somebody else. But how do you know what you're looking for? Don't panic just yet, as we've devised some straightforward but useful tips on the main considerations before purchasing Grand Prix tickets.

The Circuit

Thankfully, this is normally the easiest choice. If you're just planning to go to your native Grand Prix then the decision is already made. However, if you're planning to go on a trip, often you'll have an idea of where you want to go. If you're completely open to choice then try checking out the 'Customer Reviews' section on each race's ticketing page which has ratings and reviews from the best critics - the fans.

If you still can't decide which Grand Prix you'd like to attend then take into consideration things like the cost of transport, the weather, and other attractions and activities if you're planning to stay longer.

Viewing Area

So you know where you're going but the list of tickets available is longer than your arm. Which one is best for you?

The first main decision you want to consider is whether you want general admission or grandstand entry. General admission is an open area without proper seating and in most cases you can wander around the track and watch the Grand Prix from different locations (varies between circuits). These are the cheapest entry tickets to the Grand Prix but the obvious disadvantage is that you don't have a reserved position and so quality of view is not so reliable. But don't think of it as bad, they're usually right near the track and many people have a fantastic experience in general admission, preferring it to grandstand viewing.

The grandstands are more expensive but tend to benefit from better views and reserved seating. In nearly all events, a grandstand ticket includes circuit admission (if this is not the case it will be clearly stated in the ticket information on the ticket page). Different grandstands come in a whole range of prices depending on the view and the features of the stand itself. Think about whether you'd like to be seated on a bend (more time to see the cars) or a straight (higher speeds), and if you'd like to be on the start/finish line and pits then generally these come at a higher price. Some circuits offer tiered tickets within each stand e.g. low/middle/high. In general, higher seating has the benefit of more panoramic views but is further away from the track, whilst lower seating is nearer to the track and cars but can be more prone to some obstruction from safety fencing.

Also check the ticket page which indicates whether the grandstand has a weather cover and a view of a large TV screen to see the action elsewhere on the track. Please be aware that grandstand covers are not a guarantee of weather protection and TV screens can be subject to change or sometimes difficult to follow, but nonetheless the ticket page symbols act as a useful guide.

If you're looking for the full works, we also offer hospitality options. These vary at each facility but generally include food and/or drinks in special hospitality areas. Follow the 'VIP & Hospitality' link to get specific information on what each package includes.

Entry Period

The Grand Prix is a long weekend event taking place from the Thursday/Friday to the Sunday. The actual F1 race is always held on the Sunday, with practice and qualification taking place on previous days. However, other support activities are also going on for the whole weekend and an itinerary of events will be included with your tickets.

The duration of the tickets varies between each circuit: some sell one-day tickets, others only full weekend tickets. If you check the ticketing page then you will see a list of all ticket entry periods available and choose the one that best suits your needs. Unfortunately, some circuits do require visitors to buy a full weekend ticket even if they only wish to attend on one day.


Children are obviously welcome at any Grand Prix and some circuits even offer special rates for children. Because this is at the discretion of the circuit, check the extra information at the bottom of our ticket list, which will tell you whether child tickets are available. We clearly label each ticket as adult or child so if we sell it you shouldn't have a problem finding it.

Please note: motorsport events can be very loud and chaotic so they are not recommended for very young children.

Parking and Transport

It's important to plan how you're travelling to the circuit in advance. Check the 'Travel Advice' section under each race for specific information on the options available. If you do plan to drive then we offer parking passes, where available, under the 'Transport & Parking' link.

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